Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days of Loving Life {Day 10 Love Knows No Borders}

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Did you choose someone to encourage yesterday?  Didn't it feel amazing to do something for someone else that was unexpected?  Are you wanting to help others now?  Me too.

Recently, we sponsored our first child through Children International. 

(Side note: I researched many child sponsorship programs before deciding to sponsor with Children International.  You can find them at

I searched and searched for our sponsor child.  It was really important to me that we find a little boy near Dylan's age that shared the same birthday as Dylan.  I thought it would be a great connection for them to have their birth date in common.

I chose Jerson from Guatemala City, Guatamala.  Jerson is such a precious little boy.  Cocoa brown skin, charcoal black hair and the sweetest little smile.  Jerson is two years older than Dylan, he will be four soon.

Jerson lives with his parents and two brothers in a cinder block house.  The family lives on $150 per month.  One hundred and fifty dollars per month!! 

It breaks my heart!  We now call him our adopted child.  Dylan has learned his name and we tell him that Jerson is his brother.  Dylan is so cute when he hugs and kisses his picture.

When I think of the life Jerson and his family live, I feel guilty for the times that I am unhappy with my life.  Or am not thankful.  Or when I take my life for granted.

You see, we now know someone living ina third world poverty life.  Everything has changed.  We see our riches.  We are rich beacause our house doesn't have a dirt floor.  We are rich because we both have jobs. We are rich because our son doesn't go to bed hungry or dirty or in need of necessities.

Through meeting Jerson, our family is learning to look at our blessings in a completely different light.

Love knows no borders, do you?

If you have never considered child sponsorship, I pray that you would.  So many precious little ones are praying for a sponsor to choose them at this very moment. 

For more information on Children International, please visit

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