Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of Loving Life {Day 18 The Pumpkin}

This past weekend, while Dylan wasn't feeling his best, we speent the weekend at home.  Normally when we are home I keep the Nick Jr. channel on at a low volume, hoping he will learn all of the positive character qualities they teach as well as math, colors, etc.  Well, this weekend, mommy learned something too!

If you are a mom of a young child, I'm sure you have heard of Franklin.  If not, fyi, Franklin is an adorable little turtle cartoon, check it out, super cute.  Moving on now.  Franklin and his friend Bear had grown a huge pumpkin and wanted to take it to the fiar to be judged.  They were on their way to the fair when tragedy struck.  The pumpkin rolled down the hill and smashed into a tree.  Franklin and Bear were so upset.  I can't blame them, all their hard work ruined.

Then came the life lesson.

Mrs. Muskrat came up on them and saw what happened.  Then she said it.  "Don't worry, everything can be made into something good."

Repeat:  Everything can be made into something good.

What good is a smashed up pumpkin?  It's perfect for ribbon winning pumpkin pie!

Are you broken?  Feel smashed up?  Feel like you have hit a tree head on?  Know that you have good inside you too.

Everything can be made into something good.

I'm learning that being broken isn't always such a bad thing.  It's often the perfect time to share what's on the inside of you that's normally hidden in your shell.

Here's to turning smashed pumpkins into pumpkin pie!

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