Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days of Loving Life {Day 20 Flying Blind}

Have you ever seen the "God is my Co-Pilot" bumper sticker or tag?

Have you heard the song "Jesus take the wheel" by Carrie Underwood?

These words became real life for Jim O'Neill in November, 2008.  Jim suddenly became blind while he was piloting his two seater Cessna airplane from Scotland to England.  At first, Jim thought it was temporary and due to the glaring sun, but quickly realized there was a bigger problem.  Jim had suffered a stroke that rendered him completely blind.  Jim was 15,000 feet in the air with no way out. 

Amazingly, with the help of the Royal Air Force and Air Traffic Control, Jim was able to safely land his plane.  The Royal Air Force flew to meet Jim and stayed within 300 feet of his plane and guided him by giving simple instructions, turn right slighly, go up, go down. After three attempts at landing, he did land and was taken to the hospital.  Jim had suffered a stroke and did recover.  (You may read the full story here.)

I love this story.

I love struggle victory stories.

God is right there with you.  All the time.  He gives us those simple instructions that we need to safely land, ie live our lives.  Just like with Jim, we usually only get one step at a time. 

Go this way.

No, that's not a good idea.

Read this book, blog, etc.

Here's a verse to help you.

I am so thankful for that God is ever present in my life.  Are you allowing Him to guide you, or do you question His every instruction?

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