Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days of Loving Life {Day 16 What's your MO?}

I can hardly believe that we are on Day 16 already! My how the month has flown by!  It will be Christmas before we know it! I LOVE Christmas and fall, so I don't want to rush it!!

Today I'm thinking of my MO.  I used to watch a lot of crime shows, I don't anymore because they are so negative, but I did really love them.  I liked trying to figure out who did it and why.  Clue for television!  In those shows, the police are always searching for the criminals' MO, mode of operation or manner of operation.  Basically, how they choose their crimes, etc.

Yesterday, my baby really didn't feel well when he woke up.  He was just lying around and whimpering and very tired.  The past few days he really hasn't been himself, so much that his nursery school teachers even commented on it.  So, I was already concerned about him.  So when he woke up that way, this momma panicked!  My first reaction, call the doctor!! Something is wrong!

Well, I did call and they referred me to Urgent Care.  Fun.  Always fun to go to the urgent care! I spoke to my husband and decided to wait it out a little bit.  He had no fever and no other symptoms.  Ultimately, he was fine and we didn't go to the doctor.

Afterward, that got me to thinking.  In my life, what is my MO?  What is my reaction?  Do I always panic?  Do I go to God first?  Or do I call my momma, my husband, the doctor? 

Let's say it isn't a negative situation, let's say something really great just happened.  I got a raise or Dylan just said a new word, then what do I do?  Call my husband or my momma? Or do I thank God?

I really believe that I need to change my own MO.  I need to put God in first place, my husband second, my family third and everything else can follow.  I say God is my number one, but my MO has proven that He gets called second or third.

Hmm, a little something to think about.

What's your MO?

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